The culinary arts are the result of traditional knowledge, which reflect the historical evolution and social development of a region.

The cooking of the Lamb to the fashion of the Monção of clay pot, brought to the wood-fired oven not only recovers the knowledge of our ancestors, as it adds a bit of art, warmth and professionalism of the current masters of the kitchen monçanenses. The dish, named “Foda”, reflects well the character affable and willing of the people monçanense. History tells, that: “the inhabitants of the village, as they had no cattle, were making their way to the fairs to buy cattle. And, as is usual with all fairs, there were cattle both good and bad. But, the truth is that the breeders of cattle, had as their objective to sell their cattle at the best price. And, for that aparentassem acids, put him salt in the fodder, a fact which forced them to drink plenty of water. At the fair, it seemed heavy, with the belly full of water, seeming to be really fat. The unwary, who had no knowledge of the “maha”were buying those authentic “bags of water”and, when you realize the deception, reading out the good way Minho: what a great ”foda!”

The term was vulgarizing, and the dish of the gastronomic renamed the, Foda. So, that is frequent in the festive seasons (Easter, Body of the God, Lady of Sorrows, Christmas and/or End of Year) listening to the women of the alto Minho, exclamarem: “O Mary, already cooked the Foda?”



Founded in 2016, the Confraternity of the Foda, with headquarters in the place of Barreiro-Pias, 4950-642 – Monção. It is a cultural Association under private law, non-profit, regional founded by the Parish of Pias, Restaurants, Producers and/or Bottlers of wine and wine co-Operatives, Development Associations, Rural and other gastronomes. Having as objective the first and primary dissemination of the cultural values and gastronomic of region, leading the culture and customs monçanenses to all the points where to spend and where you are invited to attend. You want to defend the legitimacy and genuine dish already iconic “Foda” and to preserve its quality and its secular characteristics, honoring and giving preference to the tradition, in order to protect this delicacy from any failure to perform any of the traditional recipe.

This Confraternity has as its objectives to introduce “Foda”, while dish is an integral part of the traditional recipes and regional levels, to promote the county and region, to promote tourism. Press for promoting the “Foda” as "ex-libris" of the gastronomic heritage of the county and the region, to ensure the authenticity of the spices, way of cooking and its presentation at the table. In short, the defense, the prestige, the heritage value, the promotion of the dish “The Foda”.

The Confraternity of Foda represents its members, in the defence of their interests before any government bodies, and other associations related, whether national, community or international.

The dissemination of gastronomy and the typical products of the Monção, as well as, the safeguarding and promotion of the products and the traditional kitchen, are the specific objectives, the Confraternity of the Foda continues, having been created for, among others, to participate in the public acts and cultural, that are intended to promote these objectives.

The Confraternity of the Foda is the heritage of the local, the regional, is the living culture, it is the people that carries over time. The tradition, history, economy, and culture associated with it, provides that the work and effort of all the members will be ever more grandiose and more fertile to the elevation of the repast “The Foda”, which is a whole, which is discovered in a part.