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The Genesis of the Foda

According to the story, which for a long times ago, the habitants of the burgo, they did not have sheep, it to fairs to buy the animals you want. At the fair, had everything, cattle good and less good. The truth is that farmers and contractors of ground, when they took their sheep for the fair, had intended to sell it at the best price and, for that appear – acids, it was common practice to put salt on the grass, a fact which required the cattle to drink plenty of water.

At the fair, the cattle appeared with the belly full of water and heavy, seeming really, treated well, too. The sorcerers who had no knowledge of the morning they bought those original “water ballons” and, when if understand of deception said the good way Minho region: “What a great Foda!”

The word Foda it became popular, over time, and dish is now called by Foda.

In such a way, that it is often by festive heights (Easter, Patron Saints, The Body of God, Lady of sorrow´s and New Year) listening to the women saying: “Oh, Mary already cook the Foda?” In other words, already cook the lamb to the fashion oh the Monção, in bowl of clay, brought the wood-burning oven.